Health card and Scalar Energy Card supply

Health card and Scalar Energy Card supply



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Tourmaline health card
a) Proper human body Blood Circulation
b) Enlighten stress & fatigue
c) Increase energy
d) Release bacteria effectively
e) Activate drinking water molecules
f) Activate bodys water molecules
g) To vanish bad odors
h) Maintain food freshness stored in the refrigerator
i) Enlighten migraine, back pain and body arthritis
j) Maintain excellent growth for plants and greens.
How to display Bio-Energy Card on our body ?
Sticking is not necessary. Just store in your pocket or as for ladies just Slip in your bra.
Does Bio Energy Card diminish odor ?
For sure ! Minor odors like unpleasant food odor in the fridge, in the car or Even body odors , Bio Energy Card confidently diminish odor when consumed.
Is Bio Energy Card safe for children ?
Nonetheless, this card is safe for kids even babies
What is a Scalar Energy Card?
These Cards have been manufactured and produced utilizing a unique bio nano-composite ceramic powder, which provide an abundance of  Far Infrared Ray (FIR) and Negative Ion 
How does it work?
The Scalar energy Card resonates\' countless healthful and beneficial light waves that penetrate the skin and cells of the body, enriching the blood oxygenation and circulation and assisting in the health and healing process, by helping restore the body\'s natural energy conversion and overall balance.
How to use the Scalar

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